toothless in pocket

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Toothless in your pocket t-shirt!

Walk around town with a Pocket Toothless with this snazzy How To Train Your Dragon inspired t-shirt.

The Pocket Toothless tee shirt is available on Teepublic and Redbubble now.

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Don’t come at me with your ‘Life Aquatic’ or ‘Moonrise Kingdom’; Bottle Rocket is where it’s at.

And these Bottle Rocket T-Shirts are my attempt at doing some justice to Anderson’s (and Wilson’s) crime-caper classic.

Mr Henry’s Lawn Wranglers Shirt

Mr Henry's Lawn Wrangler's T-Shirt Buy Now!

For those long summer days when you’re listening to stories and pushing the mower, I made the perfect shirt for you.

It’s landscaping, not just mowing

Yes, they’re landscapers, okay. Yes, yes, yes, they’re landscapers. But did it ever occur to you that a landscaping crew is a perfect front for an operation?

That is Mr. Henry and aside from owning the Lawn Wranglers, he is a very talented thief!

Mr Henry’s Lawn Wrangler’s is available in a variety of colours at RedBubble.

‘Exactly’ T-Shirt

Bottle Rocket Exactly T-Shirt Buy Now!

Bob: What are you putting that tape on your nose for?

Dignan: Exactly.

Let’s get lucky.

The ‘Exactly’ T-Shirt is also available in even more colours at RedBubble.

Got an idea for an awesome Bottle Rocket Tee? Shoot me an email, tweet me, whatever!

Thanks to the Rushmore Academy for featuring these Tee’s on their site. Kaa Kaw!

Sharp Tooth T-Shirt has landed

Sharp Tooth T-Shirt

Look out guys, here comes Sharp Tooth!

The Land Before Time meets Jurassic Park in this new mash-up, celebrating a time when Dinosaurs truly roamed the earth.

A tribute to the terrible T-Rex who is responsible for the death of Little Foot’s mother…and therefore for more emotional trauma’s than any other dinosaur. I think.

The Sharp Tooth Shirt is available now on Redbubble, in various colours and sizes for adults and kids.

If you’re quick off the block you may be able to nab one on Monday 26th August 2013 when it lands at ShirtPunch.

If you’re game for some more Land Before Time related fun, check out my tumblr.

Update: Sharp Tooth is now available on TeePublic – for just $20! (that’s about $6 cheaper than RedBubble!)

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