Don’t come at me with your ‘Life Aquatic’ or ‘Moonrise Kingdom’; Bottle Rocket is where it’s at.

And these Bottle Rocket T-Shirts are my attempt at doing some justice to Anderson’s (and Wilson’s) crime-caper classic.

Mr Henry’s Lawn Wranglers Shirt

Mr Henry's Lawn Wrangler's T-Shirt Buy Now!

For those long summer days when you’re listening to stories and pushing the mower, I made the perfect shirt for you.

It’s landscaping, not just mowing

Yes, they’re landscapers, okay. Yes, yes, yes, they’re landscapers. But did it ever occur to you that a landscaping crew is a perfect front for an operation?

That is Mr. Henry and aside from owning the Lawn Wranglers, he is a very talented thief!

Mr Henry’s Lawn Wrangler’s is available in a variety of colors at Yipptee, and on hoodies, prints and more at RedBubble.

‘Exactly’ T-Shirt

Bottle Rocket Exactly T-Shirt Buy Now!

Bob: What are you putting that tape on your nose for?

Dignan: Exactly.

Let’s get lucky.

The ‘Exactly’ T-Shirt is also available at Yipptee.

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For my full range of Bottle Rocket Tees, and more Wes Anderson inspired designs, click here.

Thanks to the Rushmore Academy for featuring these Tee’s on their site. Kaa Kaw!

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